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Packers and Movers in Vasant Kunj

The task of moving an entire household or commercial establishment is daunting and much more complicated without the help of professionals. There are many associated problems such as broken objects, misplaced things and others. Thus, it is always better to hire the services of professional packers and movers instead of attempting the task of shifting yourself. The packers and movers have the necessary knowledge, equipments and skilled force of workmen to efficiently carry out the shifting process.

The professional SDM packers and movers in vasant kunj offer the following services for their clients.

Home shifting:

The task of shifting homes requires careful packing of all the household items such as furniture pieces, electronic appliances, decorative items and much more. The packers and movers implement a comprehensive packing and moving plan which also involves a clear inventory of all the items to be moved in order to prevent confusion and losses. Valuable items can also be left at the disposal of the professional workmen employed by the agencies. Such items are packed separately using all safety precautions to prevent breakages.

Office relocation:

The professional SDM packers and movers in vasant kunj provide systematic and swift office shifting services to enable quick set-up of the office in a new location within a minimum time period to avoid loss of working hours. There are many delicate equipments in an office such as computer systems, fax machines, printers and others. Such machines are packed using suitable materials which prevent breakage and other kinds of damage. Specially designed trolleys are usually available with the packers and movers to shift heavy equipments. The documents and files are packed separately and also marked to prevent misplacement and easy discovery on arrival at the new location. The same procedure is adopted for filing cabinets. Furniture pieces of all sizes are relocated with ease. Whether it is a large boardroom table or small chairs, the workmen are well trained to pack the furnishings in an efficient manner and transport them without any risk of damage. Packers and movers are available for all kinds of offices from small scale operations to large establishments.

Moving vehicles:

Many packers and movers in vasant kunj also offer vehicle shifting services for both cars and two-wheelers. The vehicles are transported using safe and secure vehicle containers and trailers. Transportation is available to any location all over Delhi and rest of the country. The vehicles are carefully loaded using ramps and secured firmly for transportation. The main aim is to prevent any kind of damage to the vehicle both during loading and transit.


Warehousing services for the goods are also offered by the packers and movers. Spacious and well maintained warehouses are at the disposal of the agencies. These warehouses are suitable for the storage of goods of all sizes and weights. Air conditioned warehouses are also available for storing perishable and other similar kinds of items. The warehouses are equipped with all kinds of security measures to ensure the safety of the goods. Pest control measures are also put in place. The packers and movers companies usually operate a range of warehouses in many cities of the country. Warehouses are offered to store goods both during transit and for temporary storage during setting up at a new location.

Some of the features of the SDM packers and movers in vasant kunj include the following:

  • Professional packaging using latest high quality materials.
  • Packing and moving schedules are fixed as per the requirements of the customers.
  • Specialised equipments such as elevators and hydraulic machines are available for loading and unloading.
  • Tested methods of managing and inventory are used.
  • Pick-up and delivery times are fixed beforehand and adhered to strongly.
  • Large fleets of well maintained trucks are available for transporting the goods. The trucks are modern and well equipped to carry a range of items.
  • The drivers are vetted for security and possess valid license.
  • Transportation available for delivery of goods all over the country.
  • Tracking and monitoring systems to enable the customers to know about the location of their goods at any given point of time.
  • Adequate security during transit is provided to prevent theft and other mishaps.